Studio 8 Kids Art Exhibition


Studio 8 Kids Art Exhibition


The annual Studio8cto School of Art & Design exhibition was also successfully held this year and hosted in the “Morfi” gallery at the historical centre of Limassol. The Painting and Drawing Workshop operates ten months a year and hosts about a hundred children from five to ten years old. The school teaches experienced painters and educators who have artistic editing to organize and teach the faculty. With love and dedication, they are next to the children throughout the year to encourage them to experiment to develop and showcase their artistic skills.

There were paintings with many techniques and different materials (pencils, tempera, watercolors, inks, etc.). By combining mixed techniques painting and collage, children created works and three-dimensional constructions (dolls, wreaths, masks, etc.). The event was attended by children and parents as well as citizens, to admire the works of small painters. Significant participation was also attended by students of the PRE-GCE and GCSE sections of the school with creations with topics such as nature, landscape and portraits. The works showed children’s skills in mixed techniques, the correct use of color and their personal identity.

The inauguration of the exhibition was held by the congressman of Limassol Efthymios Diplaros where he congratulated both young and old for the beautiful result and the hard work of a whole academic year. See you next year!!